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About Research Spending & Results

Research Spending & Results, which can be accessed by the general public, gives insight into federally funded research by providing information about how federal research dollars are being spent, what research is being performed, and how the outcomes of research are benefitting society.  Currently, information is available for NSF and NASA awards, with information being updated daily for NSF and monthly for NASA..

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Search for Awards

Awards are easily searchable by agency, awardee, award amount and date, state and congressional district (where award was made and the work is being performed), and key word such as a field of science. You can also search specifically for Recovery Act awards made by NSF by checking the "show me only Recovery Act awards" box on either the quick or advanced search form.

Award Information

Information provided for each award includes:

  • Award recipient (institution and researcher)
  • Award amount and funds obligated to date
  • Period of Performance
  • Award Abstract describing the research effort


Research Spending and Results displays grant awards active as of  FY 1994 and beyond for NSF and active as of FY 2007 and beyond for NASA. Please note information may not be complete for awards that date prior to the Federal Funding Accountability and Transparency Act of 2006 (awards not active as of October 2006 and beyond). It does not provide award information for loans or contracts.